Your Next Holiday Destination: Broadbeach on the Gold Coast

Holidays are very important especially to working individuals. It’s their chance to elope from their busy schedules and sit down with their loved ones and relax. The Gold Coast is now becoming a hot spot for vacationers, attracting thousands of tourists and fun seekers from all over the world, all looking for a great time and escape.

The Gold Coast has always been recognised as a great tourist destination. The area has great beaches, perfect waters and comes with an amazing variety of accommodations. One destination you can visit on your next vacation is Broadbeach, located within the Gold Coast.

In general, the destinations in Gold Coast can be classified in two: the well-developed ones including the famous Surfers Paradise, and the pristine and undeveloped spots. However, not all destinations fall in either category, just like Broadbeach. It is well a developed area but is still a place wherein you can relax and get away from all the hustle and bustle of the city. Though very popular, it is not as crowded as other tourist havens. Furthermore, finding Broadbeach accommodations is relatively easy.

Broadbeach has been gaining a lot of attention from local and international tourists alike. It is slowly carving its name as the next Surfers Paradise. Surfers Paradise has been known as the city’s centre for night life and is home to night clubs and bars, making it highly popular with both locals and visitors. Broadbeach however, takes a different approach by combining natural wonders with all the modern conveniences we can’t do without.

First on the list is the largest destination for shopping in all of Queensland, Pacific Fair. More than two hundred stores are operating in this destination including restaurants, kids’ play areas and even cinemas. The best part? It’s open daily.

Second is Conrad Jupiters Casino, referred to as a major tourist hub not only because of the casinos but also because of the numerous restaurants, bars and clubs within its premise.

Indeed, Broadbeach is a place where you can get the best of both worlds. If you’re looking to spend a vacation having everything you need without compromising your relaxation, Broadbeach is definitely for you.