Yoga Visualization For Empowerment – Bad Luck And Negative Energy

Just as Yoga can assist us to take control of our lives, negative energy works against taking charge of your life. At this point, please observe a person, you know, who consistently has terrible luck. Notice that this person always expects a poor outcome on the job, in transit, and at home.

This person expects the sky to fall, the world to end tomorrow, and the sun will never shine again. The negative energy, within this person’s mind, projects itself into daily situations; and, unfortunately, he or she has “bad luck.”

Just imagine what could happen if this same person could purge the negative energy from within. His or her life would undergo a radical change. It is true that, bad luck can happen to anyone, but it is unusual to see it happen for long.

Life has its “ups and downs,” and everyone has seen their luck change for better or for worse. Casinos make a good living, playing the odds to their advantage, and discriminating against known card counters.

At the same time, casinos count on the average person’s good luck to eventually take a turn for the worst. Most of us cannot “ride high” all the time. As a result, it is wise for most of us to stay away from casinos, unless we are extremely lucky, can discretely count cards, or are independently wealthy.

Getting back to your daily life, prepare for the best luck to happen in all situations. Practice Yoga, be positive, make research-based decisions, and envision good things to happen to you and your loved ones.