When Should You Chase a Flush Draw

When you’re playing Texas Holdem poker one thing that you’re going to find is that you need to make decisions on whether or not it’s worth it to chase draws. One of the most common types of draws in poker is the flush draw. A flush is when you have five cards of the same suit in any type of order and is one of the best hands in poker. When you hit a flush you typically end up winning the hand unless your opponent has a higher flush.

Lets take a look at the factors you need to consider when you’re deciding on chasing a flush or not. Not every flush draw is worth chasing and if you chase every flush draw that you had, you’d end up going broke very quickly.

· The most important factor to look at is whether or not you’re getting pot odds in the hand. If your opponent bet into the pot you need to calculate your pot odds to find out if it’s valuable to make the call and chase the draw.

· If you’re getting the correct pot odds in the hand then you also need to consider what hands could beat you even if you hit your flush. Most of the time there won’ be a hand that beats you unless there is a straight flush or full house.

· You also need to determine the aggression of your opponent. If you know your opponent will make a big bet on the turn then you might not want to make the call on the flop unless it’s a really small bet.