What Exactly is Bingo?

Bingo is an easy and fun game and the tradition of playing Bingo is almost ancient. You can play bingo in the clubs, at your home, cruise liners, holiday centers, and in all the places where leisure activities are organized. The game is enjoyed by everybody irrespective of their age and by all segments of the society.

The participants are either provided or buy 5 X 5 grids cards which have total 25 numbers. There is a number for every grid section which is normally paired with the letters which move across the grid's top. You can yell out each number by using bingo balls or pullout cards. You need to mark the space if you have the number / letter combination on your bingo grid card. The aim of Bingo is to be the first to achieve five numbers vertically, diagonally, or horizontally in a row. When a player obtains five numbers she or he wins the game and calls out 'Bingo' and receives the money or the prizes. Many times the game is played and enjoyed for its fun quotient.

Bingo is a very simple game, and also commonly played with the intention of gathering fund for various charitable organizations. Bingo nights are offered by several churches once in a week and many players take part in these games with a passion for charity. Buying more than one Bingo grid card for each game increases your possibilities of winning. The player who becomes the first to obtain a Bingo and call out before others receives the prize money.

With the increasing popularity of Bingo, nowadays there are several Internet sites that offer such games with some variations. Those games may include the automated features, which mark the cards with the on-screen display of the numbers. Although, the social nature of Bingo nights, which is a sheer matter of pleasure for several Bingo enthusiasts, is missing in the Internet Bingo games.

Since 16th century Bingo is being played and has given birth to another popular game, lotto. Nowadays, you can win higher cash prizes and enjoy the fun as the modern Bingo games are played with high-tech equipments. Previously, the bingo ball machines used to select the numbers, but in the recent time the Random number generators or the RNG select the numbers. However, with this transformation the raw thrill of winning and playing Bingo remains equally interesting. In this modern time playing bingo can have an important impact with huge daily prizes.