The Oldest Casino in Las Vegas | Golden Gate Hotel and Casino

Today we explore the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino in Downtown Las Vegas. The oldest hotel and casino in Las Vegas. Fremont is a good place to visit if you are looking for Vintage Vegas but the history is slowly disappearing. Golden Gate is a charming hotel with a fun vibe. We also check out the old El Porto Theater property, as that will be “erased from existence” very soon. Also, a little bit of NEW Vegas, we get a quick look at where Circa Las Vegas will be built.

Hi! I’m Dani. My channel is made just for fun to get me out of the house, go on adventures, and discover new things. My content will mostly be about Las Vegas history and modern attractions since that’s where I live. I don’t intend to be a review channel, I just love to learn and explore. I might head to a resort, a tourist spot, a historic site, or a random roadside attraction. I will do my best to get my information correct. I also try to keep things positive and family friendly for viewers of all ages. Hopefully, I will be traveling to more places in the near future. Thanks for watching!

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