Secrets of Winning Big on Betfair

What’s the real secret of winning money on Betfair? Is it finding a loophole or hidden market on Betfair? Is there really a magic formula to win big on Betfair? Having searched for seven years I don’t believe there is – the secret of making money on Betfair is simply having a solid, proven strategy and sticking to it.

It seems every week we see the launch of Betfair systems hailing the holy grail of gambling profits! Sadly, most of these products and guides will only ever make money for the authors and not the gamblers using them. But don’t give up – there genuinely are systems which will make money on Betfair if used correctly and consistently. It’s human nature of course that if we experience some pain – some losing bets – we are inclined to give up. And of course we then see another great product on the market hailing itself as ‘the one we’ve been waiting for!’

Let me assure you winning Betfair and gambling strategies do exist. I personally make money from lay betting, trading and in running betting. My main income is from horse lay betting but I also make profits from football and greyhound betting. The secret and hard part is telling the turkeys from the genuine winning systems!

A key thing is to look at the history of any system. A proven strategy should publish results going back years detailing the exact bets and the ongoing consistent profits. If a system only reports on a few weeks, as many do, I would avoid it.

Another key indicator of a potential winning Betfair system is the author. Don’t be fooled by the ‘I used to work in a burger bar making minimum wage and now I make £1000 a week on Betfair!’ Most winning systems have some pedigree behind them. A bit of research will tell you if someone is a real expert and genuine Betfair guru. These people know their sports – be that horse racing, football or tennis – and they can turn that knowledge to profits laying horses or backing teams to win.

Don’t always think you have to pay large sums of money for good Betfair systems either. I’ve developed systems from ideas freely available in forums and from talking to other gambling enthusiasts.