How to Win Consistently in Fantasy 5 Lotto

Every country in the world has its own variations of casino games and the lotto happens to be the most popular one. In the US, one version of the lotto that has gained amazing popularity is the Fantasy 5 lotto, which is a purely a game of chance and you have to predict which five numbers are going to be drawn. It is really a difficult job as every number has potentially the same probability of being drawn, but certain methods have been devised based on the past trends of the numbers drawn which can give you a better chance of winning the Fantasy 5 lotto. However to be fair to all the methods that have been devised, it can be said at the outset that neither a software nor any human being can tell exactly which five numbers are going to be drawn in the next round of the game.

First and foremost, never choose your five numbers without a reason. Randomly chosen numbers have absolutely no chance of being picked up. There should be some reasoning behind your selection. Also, one thing is almost certain. Numbers which have been previously drawn have no chance of being drawn again. In this game, sets of five numbers are drawn seven times a week. Never pick any consecutive set of numbers such as 16, 17, 18, 19 or 20 as they have absolutely no chance of ever being drawn together. In fact, history tells us that even four consecutive numbers have never been drawn before.

It is really better to learn what not to do first because you will lose a lot. Remember, you have to ensure your safety by not making mistakes that others have made before you.

There are simple strategies of how you can win – study, study, and study more. Check the archives to know the history of previously drawn numbers. Write down the frequency of each number drawn. You will find that some numbers have been drawn more than others and these are the numbers that you should write down and make a comparative chart. Knowing the trends of the past will help you in picking the right combination of five numbers which will boost your chances at winning the game and you are more likely to win than when picking your numbers randomly. By searching the archives and watching the trends, you will come up with those numbers who have the highest probability of being drawn. Now, you are much closer to winning.

Being armed with the information you need to beat the lotto will give you the confidence that is needed in a game like this. Remember, the more detailed your research and analysis, the better your chances are of winning the Fantasy 5 lotto.