How to win at Betfair live casino using RouletteKeyGold

Hello again you join me at Betfair Casino Live playing mystery roulette.

I am starting with 108.20 and currently waiting for a bet on 18 numbers that have slept more
than 20 times.

After 29 spins RKG tells me is one set of 18 numbers that have slept
I bet on these vand win on the next spin

After 31 spins I get an alert for the Ex-Croupiers system system 10 so I click on button x
and bet accordingly on high and the low dozen. (The Ex-Croupiersystem is explained in chapter x of my book and access by button x in my program)

After 4 spins this is up 2.00

On spin 36 I get an alert on 3 finals 3,5,6 this loses on the first spin as 8 comes in but wins on the
second as 5 comes in

On the 38th spin there are 13 sleepers remaining I’m just waiting for the magic dozen !
The magic dozen appears on the 39th spin I bet 50p on each and win on the next spin

I’ve now been playing for about 15 minutes and have won £39.50
with the help of RouletteKeyGold!