Honeymoon in Vegas Movie Review – Starring Nicolas Cage, Sarah Jessica Parker, and James Caan

“Honeymoon in Vegas” is a very funny romantic comedy starring Nicolas Cage, Sarah Jessica Parker, and James Caan. The movie also contains some breathtaking scenes of Hawaii as well as Las Vegas at night.

The movie begins with Jack Singer (Cage) visiting his mother, who is dying in the hospital. Just before she dies, she makes Jack promise that he’s never going to get married. As a result, although Jack is in love with Betsy (Parker), he’s afraid to tie the knot, having fooled himself that marriage is a disaster waiting to happen. One day, however, he finally works up the nerve to propose to Betsy and decides to marry her in Las Vegas.

Things go bad when he arrives, however. He meets Tommy Korman (Caan), a big-time gambler, who falls for Betsy the minute he lays eyes on her because she looks like his former wife, Donna. Tommy decides to challenge Jack to a poker game, which Jack innocently agrees to, before he is to get married. Jack ends up losing $65,000 to Tommy. Unable to pay off his debt, Tommy makes a counter offer to him to let him spend the weekend with Betsy. Reluctantly, Jack agrees.

Tommy ends up vacationing with Betsy in Hawaii. At one point he even proposes to Betsy and she accepts at first, but later changes her mind. Meanwhile, Jack is determined to win her back. He flies out to Hawaii, finds Tommy, and fights with him for awhile. Tommy and Betsy fly back to Las Vegas and the only plane Jack is able to get has a team of Flying Elvises, skydivers dressed as Elvis. Jack finds he must skydive to Las Vegas!

Meanwhile, Betsy changes her mind about marrying Tommy, but he’s not about to let her go. He even tries to bribe her into marrying him by offering her a million dollars. Now disgusted by Tommy, Betsy sneaks out of the casino. She hears Jack’s name announce as one of the skydivers outside and rushes out to him. They fall back in love and get married at a nearby chapel, where the Flying Elvises attend the wedding ceremony.