Free Vegas Buffets: A Special Offer Available Now to Eat for Free in Vegas

As you may already know, there is a circle of top Vegas buffets which come highly recommended if your primary concern is value for money, even more so during some promotions. We are always ‘on the hunt’ for free buffets and free restaurant deals, which come up all the time in Las Vegas. The catch is to know if there is a catch and of course where these free Vegas buffet offers are.

There are a number of Vegas buffets and restaurants who offer great value for money all the time. Some of them are so cheap that you may not care about a free entry at all, such as the cheap 24-hour ‘diners’ or the cheap breakfast some 24 Vegas restaurants have; the choices are endless. We are always on the lookout for the best deal and that must include edible and even good food, of course (no pointing eating cheap if it makes you sick!).

This particular promotions for a free buffet entry in Vegas, run by the Stratosphere resort, is interesting in that it offers you a completely free buffet for only 300 accumulated base points in your players card (which is free and you can sign up on the spot). So, if you are up for a little gambling (it does not take much and you can do it ‘cleverly’) and are in the area, you can earn yourself a free buffet this way. This is not the only Vegas buffet with a free offer for playing points. The secret is to learn to distinguish between establishments where you can accumulate points really quickly and those where it takes you a lot of play in order to do so. Moreover, and this is a trick that locals know, most off-Strip casinos (at least off the main Strip area), there are nights where you the same play earns you double or triple or, on special occasions, even ten times the points, and those are the days in which you can stack up your free offers. These special days can be fixed during the week, as in the case of the Gold Coast Casino, or they vary all the time, in which case finding out with casino marketing before your trip to their casino is worthwhile.

Positive aspects of this offer: once you’ve accumulated your 300 points you are eligible for one lunch or dinner buffet (so you could just go to the more expensive dinner buffet after you’ve enjoyed a bit of afternoon gambling). Moreover, once you have redeemed your voucher you don’t have to use it immediately but it can be used within 2 calendar days.

Negative aspect: it seems that the 300 points can only be ‘base’ points; this means that if you want to ‘speed’ up the process and use a multiplier (at slot machines), those additional play points are not ‘valid’ this offer. You may want to check with casino marketing when you arrive, in case they change this, but this is what we know today.