Five Minute Profits Review

Have you heard of the Five Minute Profits betting system and you want to know whether it really works? I must say that I was really excited when I first got my hands on it. It is apparently able to generate a full time income for its user with just 5 minutes of work every day. Of course, I was very skeptical about these claims at first because they really sound too good to be true. So what is Five Minute Profits all about?

1. Does the Five Minute Profits System Really Work to Make Money?

The main reason why this system only requires five minutes of work every day is because of the fact that it does not require any prior study of form guides or any other betting information and websites like most other Betfair systems will usually require. Users of this system will first learn about a risk management plan that protects their betting bank from suffering big losses when the unexpected happens.

2. How Do the Methods of Five Minute Profits Work to Make Money?

There are actually two systems inside this guide that profit from different markets in Betfair, although they are very similar in their concepts and ideas. Each take roughly five minutes to implement every time, thus if you use both systems you will need more time. It makes a very small return on your betting bank for every bet, and the good thing is that these profits add up quickly over time.

3. Review of the Five Minute Profits Manual

Included in the guide are step by step instructions and screenshots of all the real life examples of how the 2 systems are implemented in a live betting exchange market environment.

They include observing some of the markets in Betfair and watching the movement in prices before you can decide where the best selection is to put your money. Once the horse race or greyhound race gets underway, you will place another bet that almost always ends in profit due to the herd mentality of punters in Betfair.