Find Out What Are the Best Boots in Diablo 2 for an Assassin

Shadow Dancer is a pair of unique myrmidon greaves, and aptly named due to the + 1-2 To Shadow Disciplines boost that it offers Assassins. They have a few nice mods, and provide high damage for Assassins who use kicks for their finishing moves. In fact, Shadow Dancer is the pair of unique boots that deals the highest damage for Assassin’s kicks.

The Stats:

Defense: 122-144

Required Level: 71

Required Strength: 167

Durability: 24

Assassin Kick Damage: 83-149

+70-100% Enhanced Defense

+1-2 To Shadow Disciplines (Assassin Only)

+30% Faster Run/Walk

+30% Faster Hit Recovery

+15-25 To Dexterity

Requirements -20%

Required Strength: 167

Shadow Dancer has a high Strength requirement, making it an expensive choice for Assassins who dish out damage via their Martial Art Skills and use kicks as finishing moves. However, if they have enough Strength charms and items that grant good boosts to Strength, Shadow Dancer can offer them a decent return for their high Strength score.

+1-2 To Shadow Disciplines (Assassin Only)

The main reason that attracts an Assassin to a Shadow Dancer.

Shadows Disciplines is one of the Assassin’s Skill Trees, and offers useful skills for any Assassin build. Martial-minded Assassins invest points in Claw Mastery, which improves their Attack Rating, damage output and even gives a % to deal a Critical Strike. Assassins who favor placing traps all over the place and prefer misdirection over face-to-face combat might put points into Burst of Speed or Shadow Master, letting their powerful shadow avatar confused and tie up enemies, while they dash all over the nearby vicinity sprinkling deadly traps to soften up those pesky enemies for the final blow.

A perfect Shadow Dancer is a nice item for any Assassin, with its +2 to Shadow Disciples and a good player will have even more items that have + To All Skills, thus making his/her Assassin a deadly, shadowy force to be reckoned with.

+30% Faster Run/Walk

With this mod, the speed at which your character runs and walks is upped by a whopping 30%, making it easier for you to catch monsters or if you’re getting a beating, escape into the shadows. +% FRW is also a crucial mod in PvP (Player vs Player) gameplay for that very same reason.

+30% Faster Hit Recovery

Another mod that makes Shadow Dancer a good option for Assassins who favor Martial Arts and likes to get into the thick of battle.

Each time you get hit, there are several frames of animation where your character cannot move, block or perform any other action. With the boost from  % FHR mod, this reduces the frames for the hit animation, which is good because you can recover quicker from a blow. The 30% boost to FHR is a nice boost for Assassin players who require more % FHR to break their target breakpoint.


Despite its high Strength requirement, Shadow Dancer is a good choice for  melee-oriented Assassins. The biggest drawback, however, of using Shadow Dancer is that they don’t offers any boosts to Resistances.