Evony New Player Goals


There are plenty of Evony Guides out there that tell you exactly how to do certain things in the game, everything from Farming Level 5 NPCs to Instantly Conquering a Level 10 NPC that is over 100 miles away.

This is NOT one of those guides, it’s more of an Outline or a List of Goals to work toward. I see many newer players that have the Basic “Ins and Outs” of the game figured out, but they have no direction or aren’t exactly sure what to work on first… So I’ve taken the liberty of coming up with the most important things to work on first so that your Evony Account becomes as strong as possible in the least amount of time, making you a valuable asset to your alliance.

These should be your main Goals on a New Evony Account, in order of importance:

  1. Basic City Development
  2. Begin Farming Level 1-5 Valleys
  3. Begin Farming Level 1-3 NPCs
  4. Establish City Defense Troops
  5. Begin Farming Level 4-5 NPCs
  6. Begin Farming Level 8-10 Valleys
  7. Finish City Development
  8. Begin Farming Level 10 NPCs
  9. Double your City Defense Troops
  10. Expand

Basic City Development

To Start off with you will want at least 6 Cottages and 10 Barracks in your city. Then, your main focus should be getting your Academy, Wall, TownHall, and RallySpot up to 9 or 10 – Nothing else should matter. Your Academy to Level 9 and all getting Metal Casting, Archery, Horseback riding, and Military Tradition all researched to 9 AS FAST AS POSSIBLE should be your main goal. Once you have about Level 8 Archery and Level 7 Horseback Riding you can start farming Level 5 NPCs with Ballistas and Transporters.

NOTE: You will want to take note of the Wall and start building fortifications – to start out aim for 1k Traps, 1k Abatis, 3k Archer Towers, 100 Logs, and 120 Trebuchets.

Begin Farming Level 1-5 Valleys

Depending on your Research Levels you can start attacking Level 1-5 Valleys with Archers to gain Resources.If you are unsure what to send, try asking your fellow alliance members for help figuring out what to attack with. I recommend only attacking Hills and Forests, since Wood and Iron are worth the most, if you need Food or Stone just sell a little but it of Wood or Iron and buy some.

Remember, in order to get resources from a Valley, you MUST NOT conquer the Valley when you Attack it – so make sure your city’s Valley slots are full before you farm valleys.

NOTE: You should have a hero who’s attack was at LEAST 60 when he/she was level 1 (which is called base attack of 60) by now, and you should be using that hero to do ALL of your Attacking in order to level him up faster. Using multiple attacking heroes forces the experience rewarded to be shared between them, thus leveling your hero up slower…. and having a hero with the Highest Attack Possible is Key to success in Evony.

Begin Farming Level 1-3 NPCs

Just like with the Valleys, depending on your Research Levels you can start attacking low level NPCs with Archers and Warriors to get resources. Like before, your alliance members should be able to help you figure out what to attack with based on your Research Levels.

Establish City Defense Troops

Now that you are farming Valleys and NPCs, you should have a steady income of Resources, so it’s time to start building them Troops up. First thing you should build is Scouts, at least 120-160k. Then you should move on to getting the rest of your troops up to a good amount that will be able to defend until your alliance members can Reinforce you.

These are the Minimum City Defense Troops that I recommend you work towards:

50k Workers, 200k Warriors, 120k Scouts, 15k Swordman, 15k Pikeman, 120k Archer, 1k Cavalry, 1k Cataphract, 3k Transporter, 15k Ballista, 3k Rams, 1k+ Catapults

Begin Farming Level 4-5 NPCs

By now your main Research Levels should all be at 9 or 10, so you can start Farming Level 4 NPCs with 250 ballistas and 250 Transporters, Level 5 NPCs with 400 Ballistas and 400 Transporters.

Begin Farming Level 8-10 Valleys

A Level 10 Forest with 40k warriors defending will give over 1.5 Million Wood if Attacked Successfully, not to mention 150k experience for your Hero.

Finish City Development

By now, your city should be nearing it’s completion.

NOTE: By now you should have 9k Traps, 9k Abatis, 9k Archer Towers, 100 Logs, and 120 Trebuchets. I have found that this Superior set of evenly rounded Wall Fortifications Defends the Best against ALL types of attacks.

Begin Farming Level 10 NPCs

If you’ve been doing everything else above, your city Troops and Hero Attack level should be getting close to the point of starting to Farm Level 10 NPCs. You will need a hero who’s Attack is at least 150, 90k Archers, and 15k Ballistas.

Double your City Defense Troops

Once you have gotten your city Troop minimums up and you are steadily Farming NPCs and Valleys, you should start trying to double your troops from:

50k Workers, 200k Warriors, 120k Scouts, 15k Swordman, 15k Pikeman, 120k Archer, 1k Cavalry, 1k Cataphract, 3k Transporter, 15k Ballista, 3k Rams, 1k+ Catapults


100k Workers, 400k Warriors, 240k Scouts, 30k Swordman, 30k Pikeman, 240k Archer, 2k Cavalry, 2k Cataphract, 6k Transporter, 18k Ballista, 6k Rams, 2k+ Catapults

with the exception of the ballistas, which only have 3k more added.


Once you’ve double the amount of troops in your city, as long as you’ve got the required Rank and an Open City Slot, it’s time to expand. Conquer a flat and build another city, or conquer and NPC city to make your own, or even have your alliance members help you conquer a hostile alliance member’s city.

Once you have another city under your control, send half of the troops in your first city to the new city and start your goals all over!

NOTE: The reason you did not make an extra 15k ballista for the new city is because you probably won’t be Farming Level 10 NPCs right away from it, AND as your hero grows stronger you will need less and less ballistas until you don’t need to send any at all.

Well there you have it folks, the guidelines I myself play by. I would also like to note that the Minimum City Defense Troop numbers are JUST a guideline – if you can safely and comfortably hold more Archers and Scouts, BY ALL MEANS PLEASE DO SO.

I hope this has helped some of you and given you more direction with something to work for. Remember, if you need help, don’t hesitate to ask the stronger players in your alliance for help! Something that may seem like a big favor to you may not be a very big request to a stronger player, so just ask!

-John J. snow