Enjoy a Taste of Caribbean Luxury

If you’re looking for the ultimate in Caribbean luxury, hotels and resorts in Anguilla have everything you’re looking for. Plush accommodations, upscale entertainment, gourmet food from some the region’s best restaurants, and some of the most crystal clear waters, balmy breezes and laid back ambience in the world awaits. All this on a tiny island seventeen miles long and three miles wide!

Exclusively Yours

If limited supply is the hallmark of true Caribbean luxury, hotels in Anguilla definitely make the grade. Back in the 1980s, the local government decided to limit development on the island to small, discreet and definitely upscale. This is why you won’t encounter lurid casinos, noisy ships or tacky malls all the length of the island.

Instead, there is sophisticated accommodation in stunning beach locations that don’t disturb the natural seaside setting. Accompanying the elegant hotels is, of course, impeccable and efficient service some of the most hospitable yet laid back people on Earth!

What To Do

Nobody wants to do too much on holiday. But if you do want to leave the comforts of those Caribbean luxury hotels, you’ll be spolit for choice. The island might be tiny, but there is plenty to do and see.

Beach Lounging. Anguilla’s small size ensures that whichever one of the Caribbean luxury hotels you choose, you’ll never be too far from any beach. In fact, there are 33 stunning white beaches. The palm-tree lined Shoal Bay East is considered the island’s most beautiful beach, while Captain’s Bay in the northeast is where to go if seclusion is what you’re after. If windsurfing appeals, Rendezvous Bay has excellent breezes, while couples will love the romance of Cove Bay, located between Rendezvous and Maundays Bay.

Indulgence and Pampering. Spas and restorative retreats abound on this island. Facilities for various therapies, fitness programs, and other wellness activities are all easily accessible. The Spa at Malliouhana, for instance, boasts a whole slew of treatments – such as aromatherapy, facials, scrubs, polishes and more. Cap Juluca, on the other hand, has a fitness centre with a yoga and Pilates studio, as well therapists from Bali.

Dining Out. Whilst the food at all the Caribbean luxury hotels and resorts is outstanding, Anguilla has become a culinary destination itself, with many must-see restaurants and must try dishes. Dinner is literally an art form at Blanchard’s – both in the view and the food itself. Altamer’s French chef Maurice G. Leduc prepares decadent lobster-chicken-truffle sausage and orange-ginger roast duck that’s definitely an indulgence, while no experience can rival the fresh, just-caught yellow fin tuna sashimi at Deon’s Overlook.